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Case Type Probate Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Legal Drafting/Working with Government Agencies

Case #23-0049615

Daughter needs help probating her mother’s estate to obtain majority title to her home. Client added her mother to the deed of her home to qualify for a second mortgage in 2008. Unfortunately, the deed was drafted to make them tenants in common. Client’s mother passed in December 2022, leaving behind five heirs, including client. Client’s sister signed a renunciation. VIP assisted client with petitions for citation for her niece and two nephews who did not sign renunciations, which resulted in a Decree from the Register of Wills. The decree is the equivalent of the niece’s and nephews’ renunciations and gives client permission to open the estate as administrator. VIP also assisted client with filling out and submitting a Tangled Title Fund application, which has already been approved; a copy will be provided to the volunteer. A volunteer is asked to assist client with probating her mother’s estate, preparing a deed that transfers partial title to client and help her execute it.