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Volunteers needed at our 2-part estate planning clinic on June 21 and July 20 from 5-8 pm.
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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #23-0049895

Client requires counsel for a custody hearing on July 19, 2023 at 11:30 am before Hearing Officer, Cherriel Gentles, regarding his 4-year-old son. Opposing party is the child’s mother. A January 2023 custody order granted Mother primary physical custody and granted Client partial physical custody; the parties share legal custody. Client has visitation with son three weekends per month. In March 2023, Mother filed a petition to modify custody. Client alleges that Mother filed to modify custody in retaliation because she is unhappy that Client has the child for more weekends than Mother has the child. Client’s goal is to retain shared legal custody and partial physical custody. A volunteer is needed to represent Client at the custody hearing.