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Case Type Nonprofit Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Counsel and Advice

Case #23-0050482

Landlord/tenant (1-hour consultation): Client is an established nonprofit with the mission of ending family homelessness through direct service and advocacy. Client offers emergency housing services to families at risk of homelessness, and prevents eviction by providing cash assistance. In August of 2019, client signed a lease agreement with one of its participants, who is now being threatened with eviction due to ongoing lease violations. After receiving a notice to vacate from landlord, client has worked with participant to secure alternative housing, and has notified landlord that they will be terminating lease effective 10/31/23. Landlord is attempting to reconcile back rent and cost of repairs, which total to over $30,000, but has not yet filed anything in court. Landlord expects client to pay the outstanding balance, but client does not have the financial resources to do so. Client is seeking counsel and advice from an attorney about its legal obligation to pay back rent and cost of repairs, and any possible pathway to terminate the lease amicably without further payment. VIP has specific knowledge about emergency housing and regulations through Office of Homeless Services, and can provide further context and information to an interested attorney.