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Case Type Quiet Title Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Counsel and Advice/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #23-0050489


Client needs help reversing a fraudulent deed transfer of her late mother’s home, so that she can obtain title to her fifty percent interest in the home. Client’s sister (Sister) and her husband are currently on title to the home. Sister just put the house up for sale, after evicting client in a separate action on December 13, 2023, which resulted in client’s losing possession of the home on May 1st. Client’s father and Mother were originally on title as tenants by the entirety. In 1997, shortly after the death of the father, a deed was recorded transferring title from Mother to Sister and her husband. The deed indicates that Sister paid a significant amount of money to Mother for the home. In 2009, Mother signed a notarized document stating that she did not understand that she was selling the property, that she never received any money from Sister for the property, and that she wants both of her daughters to inherit the property. Client grew up in the home and continued to live there with their mother (Mother), even raising her family in the home. When Mother became ill, client devoted herself to taking care of her until she passed in April 2023. A volunteer is needed to help client reverse the fraudulent deed transfer and help her obtain partial title to her home.