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Case Type Auto Accident Skills Developed Courtroom Experience/Discovery Practice/Investigation/Legal Drafting

Case #23-0050569


75-year-old client needs representation for an auto accident case, where he was hit while on his bicycle. The case is scheduled for an arbitration hearing on May 29, 2024 at 9:15 am. Client was struck by plaintiff’s vehicle at the intersection of Chestnut Hill Ave and Germantown Ave. Client subsequently spent three weeks in the hospital and needed intense physical therapy. Client sued the driver and has legal representation for this, but the driver countersued in a separate lawsuit, and his attorney for the original action told him to get a defense attorney. Client was served on September 9, 2023, and a response to the complaint is due October 9, 2023. A volunteer attorney is needed to help client respond to the complaint and defend him throughout the case.