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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Courtroom Experience/Negotiation/Working with Government Agencies

Case #24-0052056

Paternal grandmother (PGM) seeks assistance with a custody hearing on June 12, 2024, at 9:45 am before Custody Hearing Officer James Welkie, regarding her two minor grandchildren. The opposing party is maternal grandmother (MGM). The children’s mother is presently incarcerated; Father is not involved with the children and recently began speaking to PGM again. There is no current custody order for the youngest child. A Delaware County custody order granted Father sole physical custody and sole legal custody of the oldest child. Client filed a complaint for partial physical custody in November 2023. Client alleges that MGM refuses to let PGM have time with the children. The oldest child’s school contacted DHS and an investigation was conducted into mother. A finding of abuse was made and mother is presently incarcerated because of the related convictions. Client’s goal is to obtain shared legal custody and shared physical custody of the children. A volunteer is needed to represent client at the upcoming hearing.