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Case Type Small Business Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Negotiation

Case #24-0054331

Landlord/Tenant- Client is an established hair braiding salon in West Philadelphia solely owned by a young Black woman. When business owner signed a commercial lease in 2022, she co-signed the lease with a partner who is not legally associated with the business. Since then, this partner has become abusive, and business owner filed a PFA against him. Client has approached landlord to remove co-signer from lease, but landlord has been evasive and noncommittal, demanding more and more documents to verify business owner’s ability to honor the lease independently. Client has never paid rent late in the two years it has been leasing and has had no issues with the landlord thus far. Business owner has adequate income and excellent credit. Client needs help from an attorney to negotiate with landlord so that only business owner remains on lease agreement.