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Case Type Auto Accident Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Legal Drafting

Case #24-0056375

Single mother needs representation for an auto accident she was not involved in that will be scheduled for a jury trial in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. A case management order and schedule has not been issued yet, but a response to the complaint is due June 2, 2024. Client’s brother took client’s car and was involved in an accident. Plaintiff was the passenger in the an Uber when her driver- and another driver who is named as a co-defendant-  crashed into client’s vehicle. Uber, the Uber driver, and the other driver involved are all named as co-defendants in the case, although Uber has since been dismissed without prejudice. Client did not have auto insurance at the time of the accident. A volunteer is needed to help client respond to the complaint and represent her throughout the case.