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Case Type Custody Skills Developed Client Interviewing/Courtroom Experience/Negotiation

Case #24-0057959

Father requests representation for a semi-protracted custody hearing scheduled for May 30, 2024, at 1:00 pm before Judge Ourania Papademetriou regarding his 4-year-old daughter. The opposing parties are the child’s mother, maternal grandmother (MGM), and maternal grandfather (MGF). A September 2023 custody order granted MGM and MGF sole legal and primary physical custody of the child. The order granted Client partial physical custody; Mother was denied custodial rights in the order. Client filed a petition to modify custody in February 2024. Child alleged she is being abused by MGF. Client alleges neglect of the child due to finding infected scratches when she is returned to his care, which he reported to DHS report. An investigation was initiated but closed without a finding of abuse. Client’s goal is to obtain primary physical custody and sole legal custody of the child. A volunteer is needed to represent Client at the upcoming hearing.