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Tax: Client is a nonprofit mentorship program designed to prepare low-income high school students for a career and/or post-secondary education in sports management and related professional fields. Client’s mentees receive guidance on college and career planning through project-based learning experiences and engage in community service opportunities. Client has been fiscally sponsored for the past few years and has only recently […]


Tax: Client is an established 501(c)(4) organization with a mission to acquire and maintain facilities to accommodate the offices and programmatic activities of other nonprofits, including labor, media, and community organizations. Client had not paid state income tax for a 20-year period (1990-2010), and received a bill for $30,000 in back taxes in 2011. Client’s accountant during that period had […]


Client seeks assistance drafting a will that leaves his home and personal property to animal charities. Client does not want a family member named as executor of his estate, so he seeks advice determining who to name as the executor. Client also seeks advice on what other estate planning documents, if any, he should obtain. A volunteer is needed to […]


Client is living in a property of which she transferred title to her two children in 2011. Client had tried to get a will, but the lawyer fell out of touch, so she decided to do a deed transfer to ensure her children would end up with title. However, she was unaware of the consequences, and she now receives bills […]


Divorce with Equitable Distribution: A survivor of domestic abuse seeks assistance with a divorce. Client and her husband married in China in 1985 and separated in 2018 after husband choked client. Husband was later convicted of simple assault. Client explains that she suffered abuse for many years in China, but felt she would have more recourse here and finally called […]


Contracts: Client is an established lawn and landscaping maintenance business serving the Philadelphia and the Main Line area. Client rendered services to a customer in July and August 2019, and has not received any payment. Client has made numerous attempts to contact the customer to collect on the payment, but has not received any response. Client is seeking counsel and […]


Employment: Client is a for-profit after-school program that also provides tutoring, workshops, and summer programming for students in Philadelphia and Delaware County. Client seeks assistance with revising its employee handbook and drafting an agreement for parents.


Contracts: Client is an emerging media production and distribution company. Client seeks assistance with drafting agreements between collaborating filmmakers. Client also needs drafted agreements between other industry partners. This case has a companion case, 20-0044658, relating to incorporation. VIP can find another volunteer to take this case separately if necessary.


Intellectual Property: Client is an emerging entertainment company specializing in online competitions for aspiring entertainers. Client has already started to host competitions on YouTube and Facebook and plans to expand into selling affiliate apparel products. Client is in the process of changing the name of its LLC and is seeking assistance with filing a trademark for the new name.