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Divorce with Equitable Distribution: Client, who is disabled, seeks assistance obtaining a divorce. Client and wife married in 2013 and separated in 2017. The marital estate consists of a house that client purchased prior to their marriage, and a property in Mississippi that wife owned prior to their marriage. Client wants to maintain ownership of his house. A volunteer is […]


Client seeks assistance obtaining guardianship over her 22-year-old great-grandson. Client’s great-grandson has been diagnosed with Jacob’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Schizophrenia. He has difficultly processing information and making decisions. Client feels that great-grandson is easily persuaded and taken advantage of by others. Client is seeking guardianship so that she can sign documents and make medical and financial decisions […]


Client, who has owned her home for 23 years, needs to remove a mortgage from her property. Client purchased the property outright from her father in 1996. Client’s father took out a Bank of America mortgage for $18,000 two years later in 1998, securing client’s property as collateral, despite him no longer being an owner. Client’s father died in 2018 […]


Client seeks to adopt his 17-year-old step-son. Both stepson and mother want client to adopt him. Unsuccessful efforts have been made to locate biological father. A volunteer is need to assist client with filing for adoption and represent client throughout the process.


Client seeks title to the property where she has lived for over 25 years. Client entered into a written lease-purchase contract with a real estate company in July 1993. The real estate company claimed it was acting as an agent for the record owner, who died in 1999; however, no proof of this relationship can be found. Client completed the […]


52-year-old client needs assistance gaining title of her home through a quiet title action based on adverse possession. Client moved into the property in 2001 with the permission of the nephew of the alleged record owner (RO). Client signed a year-long lease for the property at that time. Client never met RO or saw the deed to the property. Client […]


Client needs title to her first home after years of struggling with homelessness. Client is living in property owned by deceased record owner with whom she had a very close relationship. Record owner died testate in 2017, devising the property to his siblings, naming non-relatives as executrix and alternative executrix, and naming client in the residuary clause. Client purchased the […]


Divorce With Economic Relief : A survivor of domestic abuse needs representation in a divorce. Client and opposing party(OP) were married in December 2016 and separated in July 2018. Client is not interested in making any claim to OP’s assets, but she would like to obtain alimony pendente lite. Client’s primary goal is moving on with her life. She owns […]


Divorce–190043711(TN) Divorce With Equitable Distribution: Client, who married in 1991 and separated in 1994, seeks representation in her divorce. Client and her sister share title to a home, which was transferred to them by their parents during client’s marriage. There are no other assets to divide, and client simply wishes to be divorced and maintain ownership of her share of […]