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Tuesday, January 31 from 12:00-1:00 pm

Volunteer Trainings

Tackling Tangled Titles: Deed Transfers

What's in a deed?

Over 10,000 Philly homes have tangled titles, meaning that their occupants do not have legal title to the homes. This can bar occupants from making repairs, qualifying for government assistance, and passing on their assets.

Often, VIP volunteers can remedy tangled titles simply by drafting a new deed. RSVP below to learn more.

Browse available deed cases

Join VIP’s homeownership staff attorneys to learn how to draft a new deed for a low-income homeowner. We’ll analyze a real case to describe the parts of a deed, the practical considerations of representing a low-income client, and the answers to frequent volunteer questions.

This training is well-suited for first-time VIP volunteers, volunteers looking for short-term transactional pro bono work, or any lawyer or other legal volunteer who wants to learn more about tangled title.

This virtual training will be held via Zoom. Please RSVP below to gain access and email Mike Jones with questions.