Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Anastasi

Philadelphia VIP volunteers are making an impact! Through the direct services of our volunteers, we are accomplishing our mission of providing access to justice for low-income Philadelphians.


Philadelphia VIP’s Corporate Counsel Collaborative Report

This project was designed to engage greater numbers of corporate counsel in pro bono legal representation of low-income clients in the City of Philadelphia.



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Thirty-five years of service to the Philadelphia community = thousands of stories about the impact of a volunteer lawyer. Here is where we share those stories. Email us if you have a story to share.

Volunteering & Pro Bono

October 2017
Philly Lawyers are doing more pro bono work than ever

The Legal Intelligencer
May 2017
Leveraging Pro Bono: The Business Case for Assisting the Indigent

The Philadelphia Citizen
March 2017
Poor and Needing a Lawyer? Too Bad

The Pennsylvania Lawyer
June 2016
How Pro Bono Contributes to a Successful Career

ABA The Young Laywer (TYL)
August 2015
You Can Do Pro Bono as In-House Counsel: How You Can and Why You Should

Family Stability

For the People Law in Plain Language
April 2013
Philly VIP – Premiere Legal Resource Guru

The Legal Intelligencer
January 2013
Puerto Rico Birth Certificate Changes Provide Challenges


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