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Volunteers needed at our 2-part estate planning clinic on June 21 and July 20 from 5-8 pm.
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Virtual Consultation Enrollment

Help small businesses and nonprofits operate with security and peace of mind through remote legal consultations.

Although their doors are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Philadelphia’s small businesses and nonprofits continue to face legal challenges that threaten their stability and the economic future of the city.

You can be a lifeline for these businesses and organizations. As part of this program, you will speak to a VIP client for one hour about a discrete legal issue and offer advice and counsel. Volunteers will be matched with clients on a rolling basis and will coordinate the time and method of the consultation at their convenience. Eligible clients may receive ongoing representation through VIP, but there is no obligation for volunteers to continue working with their consultation clients.

Sign up below to provide advice and counsel to a VIP client from the safety of your home. VIP will not pair volunteers for this service, but will allow attorneys to work together if they prefer to work with a colleague or supervisor. If you require a partner, please put the name of the colleague you will be working with in the “Other legal areas not mentioned/details you would like to add” field.