Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take a VIP case?

There is only one requirement: you must be a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney, or be working with a supervising attorney who is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. We provide malpractice coverage for all of our cases, so you do not need to carry your own insurance.

I have no practice experience within this area. Can I still take a case?

Yes! We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds, regardless of professional experience, and no prior expertise is needed to take a VIP case. Whether you are fresh out of law school, a solo practitioner, or work at a large firm with decades of training, your services are essential to clients in need.

What resources are available to help me with my case?

VIP provides a wide array of support services for volunteer attorneys, including:

Staff Support ● Expert Mentors ● Training Manuals & Template Documents ● Free Live & On-Demand CLE Trainings ● Language Interpreters ● Malpractice Insurance Coverage ● Office Space for Client Meetings

How do I know what case is right for me?

VIP staff members are at the ready to help you find the right case: just tell us what skills you would like to develop or utilize, what topic areas you are interested in, and your availability, and we will work with you to find the best fit. You can also search available cases on our website, where they can be sorted by topical area and/or core competency.

How do I take a case?

There are several ways to take a VIP case:

  1. Visit our online case listings page to see all cases awaiting placement with an attorney and click the case number to express interest in a particular case.
  2. Take a case from the monthly case list e-blast.
  3. Say “yes!” when a VIP staff member emails or calls and asks if you are interested in taking a particular case.
  4. Reach out to a VIP staff member and ask for help selecting a case.
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