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Volunteer Spotlight Published September 1, 2019

Alexander Ginsburg

“My job is to help people.” Alexander Ginsburg follows this simple, powerful credo in his law practice, and it informs every aspect of what he does. Whether winning personal injury lawsuits for his private practice clients or volunteering with VIP and the other organizations to which he donates his time, Alex keeps his mission statement top of mind.

After graduating from Widener University School of Law in 2010, Alex spent two years representing families in adoption and family law-related matters before joining Peter Bowers, P.C. as an associate. At the firm, Alex specializes in personal injury and premises liability cases, in which he primarily represents plaintiffs. Since taking his first VIP case in 2016, he has benefited from the chance to litigate these cases from the other side. “When defending VIP clients, I ask myself how I’d handle the case as a plaintiff’s attorney,” he says. “Now, in my work with plaintiffs, I have the perspective of a defense attorney. VIP has made me a more complete lawyer.”

Alex draws not only on his own experience to successfully represent his clients, but also on the help of the greater legal community. “I’ve always been fortunate to have great mentors,” he says. It has been no different in his work with VIP. In one of Alex’s early pro bono cases, his client faced a complicated debt that placed her on the brink of bankruptcy. Alex asked VIP for a mentor, and was matched with Alfonso Madrid, a veteran volunteer attorney on collections cases. Alex employed Alfonso’s advice in handling the case and achieved a great outcome for his client: the creditor withdrew the case.

Such resources keep Alex coming back to VIP. He especially notes the ease of working with the staff: “I’ve always had a great experience with VIP,” he says. “The team is gracious and responsive.”

By far the greatest driver of Alex’s pro bono service is his own mission statement: to be an attorney is to help others.

“Some of my most rewarding results and relationships have come from VIP cases. As plaintiff’s attorneys, we often focus on the monetary value of a case. While that’s important, VIP helps us reconnect with the essence of being a lawyer, which is to serve people who need our help.”