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VIP in Action Published November 10, 2020

Through Thick and Thin: A Message from VIP

Written by Rida Haq, VIP Interim Executive Director

Ask anyone on VIP’s staff for their favorite VIP story, and they’ll have one ready to go. I often share one about a volunteer who drove back from Maryland, where she had recently relocated, to represent her client in court. In another one of my favorite anecdotes, a volunteer emailed from a hospital bed while he waited for his appendectomy – not to tell me he would be out of commission, but to ask VIP to record a deed for his client.

This year, I’ve been awed once again by our volunteers, who, facing pay cuts and furloughs, used their stay-at-home time to represent more Philadelphians. Others made long-term pledges to financially support VIP, even as their own firms confronted business challenges. And I’ve been moved by our staff team, who responded to salary cuts by doubling down on their commitment to our mission during historic court and business shutdowns.

From the fog of this chaotic year, one truth has emerged: through thick and thin, the VIP community says “yes.”

Now, as we brace ourselves for many more months of uncertainty, VIP faces an unprecedented need for your support. Dozens of our clients are waiting for attorneys to help them stay in their homes and care for their families. And as an organization that relies on community generosity to accomplish its mission, VIP faces an uphill battle to raise the funds to meet this need.

So, today, I urge you: take time to examine how you can say “yes.” Say “yes” to contributing your time, expertise, or resources to VIP. Say “yes,” once again, and stand with our neighbors.

With my sincerest gratitude,



Rida Haq
Interim Executive Director

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