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Impact Stories Published May 31, 2022

Thanks to VIP, I’m Not Worried Anymore

Surviving an auto accident is stressful in its own right. But when another motorist ran a stop sign and struck Charlotte Turner’s car, Charlotte quickly found her injuries were the least of her worries.

Charlotte was uninsured at the time of the accident, and one of her passengers brought a lawsuit against her that threatened her income and her home – everything she had. “It was such a dark time,” Charlotte says. “The stress kept me up at night.”

VIP worked quickly to match Charlotte with Meghan Henry, a volunteer attorney from Morgan & Akins, PLLC. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Meghan guided Charlotte through the court process and put her fears to rest. “Representing Charlotte was a pleasure,” Meghan says. “I am so happy and proud of the result we got.”

The feeling is apparently mutual. “Meghan was like an angel,” Charlotte says. “Without her, the stress would have given me a heart attack. She understood how hard this was, and her professionalism and care amazed me.”

Meghan and Charlotte spent months working toward a resolution. Thanks to their efforts and VIP’s support, the plaintiffs dismissed the case, and Charlotte recovered her peace of mind: “I’m not worried anymore.”