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Impact Stories Published August 4, 2022

Saving a Home and Accommodating a Disability

Born and raised in Northwest Philly, Hayward McCain lived in Center City as an adult. When his mother passed away in 2014, he took responsibility for his childhood home. But Hayward is blind, and the home needed fundamental repairs to allow him to live there comfortably. To obtain assistance with making these essential repairs, Hayward needed legal title.

After talking with his neighbor about how to get help, Hayward contacted VIP and was quickly placed with volunteer attorney Anthony Quinn.

“Working with Anthony was amazing. Not only did he help me understand each step of the legal process, but he treated me well. As a blind person, people usually don’t know how to work with me. But Anthony treated me normally while accommodating my disability, something that doesn’t happen often,” Hayward said. “Even when I came in with a pile of letters that I couldn’t read, he didn’t bat an eye, just found those that helped with the case and got it done.”

Together, Anthony and Hayward were able to work through the documents needed. They successfully worked through the probate process together, and Hayward received help from the Tangled Title Fund. Thanks to VIP’s work, made possible by the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Housing and Community Development, Hayward now owns his family home.

“Without the help of Philadelphia VIP, I would have been faced with these complicated letters to sort through by myself. With Anthony guiding me, I now understand all of the complicated legal matters that go into putting the title in my own name. And now I have access to necessary resources as a disabled person.”