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Impact Stories Published September 9, 2022

A Deed to Move Forward

woman sitting in her home smiling for camera with mub in front of her and couch behind her

Before they could complete his will, Anna Scavola’s husband of 26 years passed away in 2021. He left behind their house, which they lived in for 31 years, but Anna quickly realized the deed was in his name. In the midst of her grief, Anna’s family encouraged her to ensure the title to her home was in her name. She realized that she needed help, and she researched legal aid in Philadelphia. Anna reached out to Community Legal Services, , which transferred her case to Philadelphia VIP.

VIP quickly placed Anna’s case with Stacy Filopoulos, July’s Volunteer of the Month. “It was a blessing, having Stacy take my case, because I didn’t even know where to start,” Anna said. “She handled almost everything.” Stacy went above and beyond for Anna. When Anna could not go in person to her oath due to disabilities, Stacy drove to her home to ensure Anna had internet access for the Zoom meeting.

It was during the holiday season that Anna received the good news. “I thought to myself, it would be the best present in the world to receive title to my home,” Anna said. “And it came the day before Christmas. And thank goodness it was all over and done in less than a year. I could fully grieve and move forward without the weight of this on my shoulders anymore.”