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Impact Stories Published March 29, 2023

Nanny Match, LLC

Black woman with a gray turtleneck smiles at the cameraNanny Match, LLC is a Philly-based nanny staffing agency whose mission is to “strengthen families, equip nannies, and empower the next generation one placement at a time.” It’s also one of the dozens of small businesses VIP serves each year through its legal volunteers.

Nanny Match’s founder, Elenor, moved to Philadelphia to advance her studies and career in the childcare industry. A professional nanny since 2016, Elenor said she saw gaps in the childcare industry and decided to fill them. She set out to create an ethical, mission-driven nanny agency to serve her community.

From the start, Elenor wanted to run a compliant business and adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements of the childcare industry. This started with incorporating as an LLC. She contacted VIP and was paired with a lawyer to incorporate as an LLC. With the volunteer’s guidance, Elenor incorporated her agency and got answers to important startup questions. She was ready to get to work.

Since starting the business, Elenor has sought VIP’s help with two more legal issues. She needed guidance on trademarking her logo, as well as assistance negotiating with her office’s landlord over her security deposit.

Both of these scenarios would have been difficult without an expert’s guidance. “When the attorneys get involved, something shifts,” Elenor said. “I work hard to take care of my business and my employees, but sometimes it is not enough. When a business legal expert is by my side, there is more power and weight to my words. I could not have done some of this without them.”