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Volunteer Spotlight Published February 7, 2024

Michael Coleman

Mike Coleman has an uncommon day job for a VIP volunteer – he’s a real estate agent – and his uncommon dedication to our family law clients earns him the title of Volunteer of the Month.

Child advocacy is one of Mike’s longtime passions, and when he isn’t busy selling million-dollar homes, he volunteers with groups dedicated to protecting vulnerable kids.

“In college, I mentored a sixth-grader through a program in Baltimore City,” Mike recalls. “He was performing way below grade level. I ended up fighting with the school district and we won a settlement. That’s when I fell in love with advocacy.”

As a VIP volunteer attorney, Mike spends his time representing parents in custody matters. “These are parents who can’t afford a lawyer. They need a voice, and I like being that voice,” Mike says. “I want to help kids and parents feel like they are actually being heard.”

Mike recognizes that in Family Court, where most litigants don’t have counsel, simply having an attorney can make a world of difference. “In those moments when I’m in the courtroom next to my client, I feel I’m making an impact,” Mike says. “I walk away from those hearings knowing we put our best foot forward. It’s a very special time for me.”