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Tax- Client is an established nonprofit that provides after-school enrichment and music industry specific education to Philadelphia youth in 5th to 12th grade. Client offers students an opportunity to explore a positive creative outlet and develop skills needed to pursue a career in music production and distribution. Client ceased operations due to COVID-19, and lost tax-exempt status as a result. […]


Landlord/Tenant- Client is a family-owned corner store that began renting commercial space in South Philadelphia in March 2022. The landlord and client made an informal agreement, where client would essentially serve as property manager for the boarding house in the upstairs unit in exchange for reduced commercial rent. Just a few months later, L&I condemned the building after many failed […]


Client seeks assistance with a fraudulent deed transfer. In 2015, Client was granted the property through the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (RDA). However, Client’s daughter and her boyfriend attended the RDA closing in Client’s place; the boyfriend pretended to be Client and had RDA transfer title to Client’s daughter instead of Client. In 2018, Client hired a lawyer and won a […]


Client seeks assistance with a small claims matter in Municipal Court; the hearing is scheduled for February 21, 2023, at 1:15 PM. Client is being sued by a family friend who is falsely claiming client stole her phone and broke her windshield, and the amount at issue is just over $1,000. Plaintiff stole client’s phone, which client needed to stay […]


Hearing: February 23, 2023 at 8:45 AM in Hearing Room 3 Client’s landlord is suing for possession of the property and $2,296.75, comprising past and ongoing rent, as well as attorney fees. Client stopped paying rent in November due to severe maintenance issues in the apartment. Client has not had working heat since last year, and uses a space heater […]


Sixty-six-year-old client seeks assistance with a deed transfer of his childhood home. Client’s mother passed away intestate in June 2022. Client has opened his mother’s estate and has been named administrator. Client is working on filing an inheritance tax return and needs the assistance of a volunteer to draft a deed conveying title from the estate to client.


Hearing: February 16, 2023 at 12:45 PM in Hearing Room 3 Client is being sued for possession and over $8000 in past-due rent. Client and his girlfriend fell behind after losing their jobs in 2021. They applied and were approved for rental assistance in 2021, but their property manager did not complete the final steps, so they were denied assistance […]


79-year-old sweet, Greek widow seeks assistance with a deed of confirmation putting title solely in her name. Client and her husband purchased the home in 2009 as tenants by the entirety. Client’s husband passed away in 2020. A volunteer is needed to draft a deed of confirmation granting client sole title and helping her to execute it.


Client seeks assistance changing her 16-year-old son’s last name. Son currently shares Client’s last name; she would like to amend his birth certificate so he has both his father and mother’s last names. Client went to Delaware (DE) where her son was born and began the name change process. However, DE vital records would not accept the court documents without […]