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A survivor of domestic violence faces a custody hearing concerning her three year-old daughter on April 15, 2019 at 9 am before Judge Ourania Papademitriou. A volunteer attorney is needed to represent client on that date. Client hopes to reduce the father’s custodial time to supervised visits. The child’s father has been violent to both client and his own mother […]


Contracts: Client is an established lawn and landscaping maintenance business serving the Philadelphia and the Main Line area. Client rendered services to a customer in July and August 2019, and has not received any payment. Client has made numerous attempts to contact the customer to collect on the payment, but has not received any response. Client is seeking counsel and […]


Divorce with Equitable Distribution: Client, who is disabled, seeks assistance obtaining a divorce. Client and wife married in 2013 and separated in 2017. The marital estate consists of a house that client purchased prior to their marriage, and a property in Mississippi that wife owned prior to their marriage. Client wants to maintain ownership of his house. A volunteer is […]


A 75-year-old client seeks assistance with a will and healthcare power of attorney. Client would like to leave her real and personal property to her daughter, nephew, and grandson, but seeks counsel on the best way to include all three. She would also like a healthcare power of attorney that designates her daughter as her agent in the event she […]


Contracts: Client is an emerging nonprofit focused on empowering adults to empower children. Client hosts workshops and provides ongoing support to trainees through mentorship and group programming. Client seeks assistance with drafting contracts for workshop participants, vendors, and volunteers. This case has a companion case, 19-0044135, relating to bylaws and corporate governance. VIP can find another volunteer to take the […]


Client seeks assistance with a living will and a financial power of attorney that designates her sister as her agent. Client recently had a stroke and is in a nursing home. She wishes for her sister to act on her behalf to help her apply for important benefits and handle financial affairs that client is unable to complete on her […]


Client needs title to her home to repair a leaking plumbing system. Client is living in a property owned by her deceased parents as tenants by the entirety. Client’s father died in 1981, and client’s mother died testate in 2010. In her will, client’s mother appointed client executor and left the entirety of her estate to be divided equally between […]


Client is living in a property owned by her deceased mother. Client’s mother died intestate in July 2018. Mother was unmarried and had three children including client. Client’s two siblings have signed renunciations electing client personal representative of their mother’s estate. Client’s mother was receiving Medical Assistance at her time of death and client has received a statement of claim […]


Client, who is very responsive, seeks title to his mother’s home to qualify for repairs and accommodate his disability. Client is living in a property owned by his deceased mother, who died testate in 1996. The Client’s mother had five children, only two of whom are alive. In her will, client’s mother left the entirety of her estate to her […]