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Client would like to make a will that leaves her home to her children in equal parts. She would like to name her children’s father as executor, and her daughter as an alternate executor. Additionally, she would like to make healthcare and financial Power of Attorney documents, naming her daughter as agent, as she recently suffered a stroke and sometimes […]


Seventy-six-year-old would like help preparing healthcare and financial power of attorney documents naming her daughter as her agent. She is also interested in a living will.


Landlord/Tenant (1-hour consultation): Client is a woman-owned, Black-owned dance school that offers dance classes to youth ages two to eighteen. Client’s commercial lease is ending and client is preparing to move to another property. Client is considering a commercial space and needs help from an attorney to review the lease and advise accordingly. Client is also in need of general […]


Taxes- Client is an established nonprofit that celebrates and promotes writers, artists, and scholars of the Palestinian Diaspora. Client hosts an annual festival that features Philadelphia-based small business owners, community leaders, artists, and scholars alongside Palestinian-Americans. Client is dedicated to serving Philadelphia’s marginalized community, ensuring that all of its vendors are local Black, Palestinian, and/or women owned. Client empowers disadvantaged […]


Single mother needs help with a name change. The surname on client’s birth certificate is different from the surname she has been using her whole life. The last name on client’s photo ID and Social Security card is consistent with the last name she has been using throughout her life, and she wants to amend her birth certificate to match […]


32-year-old client needs help with an alleged auto accident case. Client received a writ of summons on January 22, 2024. An arbitration hearing is scheduled for October 16, 2024 at 9:15 am, but a complaint has not been filed yet. In 2021, client was in an accident, which could potentially be what the lawsuit is about, when he was on […]


Father requires counsel for a custody hearing scheduled for July 2, 2024, at 9:00 am before Judge Michael Fanning, regarding his 9-year-old son. Opposing party is the child’s mother. A May 2023 custody order granted Mother primary physical custody and granted Client partial physical custody; the parties share legal custody. Mother filed a petition to modify custody in November 2023, […]


Landlord/Tenant- Client is an established hair braiding salon in West Philadelphia solely owned by a young Black woman. When business owner signed a commercial lease in 2022, she co-signed the lease with a partner who is not legally associated with the business. Since then, this partner has become abusive, and business owner filed a PFA against him. Client has approached […]


Client is seeking representation in an auto accident case in the Court of Common Pleas with an arbitration hearing to be held on September 12, 2024, at 9:15 AM. In October 2022, as client was turning left into a parking lot, plaintiff was driving down the opposite lane and hit the passenger side of client’s car where client’s father was […]