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Client seeks assistance at an eviction hearing scheduled for February 28, 2020, at 8:45 am in Municipal Court – Room 3. Client has lived in the property since December 2017 with her young daughter. Client fell behind on rent in December 2019 but will start working again at the end of February/beginning of March. Client never received a lead safe […]


A 60-year-old client seeks counsel on estate planning documents. Client would like to leave her home to her daughter, but she wants to ensure her young grandchildren can stay in the property as well. She seeks advice about the best way to include her grandchildren in the will. She also seeks advice about an advance healthcare directive, as she has […]


Divorce with Economic Relief: A survivor of domestic abuse needs divorcerepresentation . Client and husband were married in April 2016 and separated in January 2019. Client and husband have three children together who all live with client. Client has a PFA against husband through July 2022, andshe already has representation in her separate custody action.. Client is not interested in […]


Client seeks representation at an eviction hearing scheduled for Friday, February 28, 2020 at 8:45 am in Municipal Court – Room 3. Client moved into the property in 2018 and would make rent payments by the 5th of every month using an online portal. In December 2019, client made her rent payment but noticed several days later it had not […]


Collections – 20-0044668 Client seeks assistance with a collections matter in Municipal Court on March 6, 2020 at 1pm in Hearing Room 5. Client’s difficulties began with a store credit card that he used only when coupons came in the mail. He stopped using the card because he no longer received coupons or statements. Client later received a letter indicating […]


75 year-old client seeks assistance getting title to his home, which is in the name of his wife who died intestate in 2018. Deceased record owner and client had three children, all of whom are in agreement that client should have full title. In 2019, client’s daughter opened the deceased record owner’s estate and received Letters of Administration. The deceased […]


Divorce With Economic Relief : A survivor of domestic abuse needs representation in a divorce. Client and her husband were married in December 2016 and separated in July 2018. Client is not interested in making any claim to husband’s assets, but she would like to obtain alimony pendente lite. Client’s primary goal is moving on with her life. She owns […]


Client seeks assistance with recovering his tax refund. In February 2017, client made a typographical error when filing his taxes and accidentally sent his tax refund of $4,919 to someone else’s account. Client attempted to work with the IRS and the bank at issue, American Heritage Credit Union to reclaim the tax refund, but he was unsuccessful. A volunteer is […]


Disabled client, who is very responsive, seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client is living in home owned by his aunt and his mother as tenants in common. Client’s aunt died intestate in March 2012, and client’s mother died testate in October 2012. Client’s mother devised her portion of the property to client and his brother. Client started probating his […]