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Disabled client, who is very responsive, seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client is living in home owned by his aunt and his mother as tenants in common. Client’s aunt died intestate in March 2012, and client’s mother died testate in October 2012. Client’s mother devised her portion of the property to client and his brother. Client started probating his […]


Client seeks assistance obtaining guardianship over her 28-year-old daughter to be able to make the medical and financial decisions her daughter is unable to make for herself. Client’s daughter has an intellectual disability and is non-verbal, and recently, the client was informed she had to obtain guardianship in order to renew their passports. The client has already paid a $170 […]


Client needs a volunteer attorney for an adverse possession claim. Client needs title to qualify for repair grants and to enter into a payment agreement for delinquent water bills. Client has been living in the home of a family friend, who died intestate in 1998. Client has been living in the property continuously since the day deceased record owner (DRO) […]


A 60-year-old client seeks assistance with a will and advance healthcare directive. Client would like to leave her home to her two sons, but wants to ensure her younger son is able to continue living in the home if he wishes, and she doesn’t trust her eldest son to honor this wish. She seeks advice about the best way to […]


Client seeks a deed confirming his legal interest in the property where he has lived for most of his life. The most recently recorded deed, a South Philly Trust, granted title to client’s mother in trust to vest in client upon her death. Client’s mother died in 2012. A volunteer is needed to draft a deed of confirmation. Notary services […]


Client seeks assistance obtaining guardianship of her 86-year-old mother. Client’s mother has severe dementia and cannot make decisions for herself. Client wants to continue making medical and financial decisions for her mother, and a doctor is willing to complete an expert report. Guardianship is not expected to be contested.


Client seeks assistance with a mortgage foreclosure matter. Client is living in a property owned by her deceased grandfather. In March 2008, grandfather obtained a reverse mortgage for $187,500, which is now owned by Bank of America. In 2018, grandfather died intestate leaving twelve heirs, including his now-deceased wife’s three children who share fifty-percent interest in the property and are […]


Client seeks title to the home he has been living in for over a decade in order to obtain grants for repairs. Client’s mother, the record owner, died testate in 2008. Client and his daughter are the named beneficiaries of the estate. Client’s daughter was granted letters testamentary, but refuses to fulfill her duties and transfer title to client. Client […]


Client seeks assistance at an eviction hearing scheduled for February 13, 2020, at 8:45 am in Municipal Court – Room 3. Client fell behind on rent in November and shortly after began withholding rent due to habitability issues and inconsistent heat in the property. L&I recently inspected the property and a report is pending. The landlord has refused to make […]