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Corporate Governance Issues (1-hour consultation): Client is a fiscally sponsored LLC with the mission to foster deeper community connections. Client designs and installs urban gardens, interactive art installations, and dynamic public spaces with the goal of creating safe and inclusive community hubs. Client concentrates on youth engagement, collaborating with schools to build 9 school gardens that serve over 400 students. […]


Seventy-six-year-old would like help preparing healthcare and financial power of attorney documents naming her daughter as her agent. She is also interested in a living will.


Landlord/Tenant (1-hour consultation): Client is a woman-owned, Black-owned dance school that offers dance classes to youth ages two to eighteen. Client’s commercial lease is ending and client is preparing to move to another property. Client is considering a commercial space and needs help from an attorney to review the lease and advise accordingly. Client is also in need of general […]


Mother of three children is seeking assistance with drafting a will leaving her home to her three children. She is also interested in drafting financial and healthcare powers of attorney (POA) documents, naming her eldest daughter as the healthcare POA agent and her son as the financial POA agent. She is interested in drafting a living will too. A volunteer […]


Pleasant and responsive seventy-one-year-old would like assistance updating her estate planning documents, including her will. She would like to leave her home to her daughter. Client would also like her daughter to be named her only agent in her powers of attorney documents, since her son passed in 2021. A volunteer is needed to help her draft a new will, […]


Intellectual Property (1-Hour Consultation): Client is a developer of a device compatible with a mobile app, which aims to prevent child kidnapping. Business owner has worked for over a decade as a nurse serving the North Philadelphia community. Client is seeking general counsel and advice from an attorney about provisional patents, trademarks, and licensing intellectual property. This is a limited, […]