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Zoning: Client is an emerging hair salon in South Philly solely owned by a woman of color, who has title to a vacant building. A hair salon used to operate from this space, but it has since closed, and the building is now zoned as RS1. Client has approached its city council person, and was told that the city council […]


Torts (1-hour consultation): Client is a small, Black-owned dog grooming service in South Philadelphia. Recently, there was an incident with one of the dogs during grooming which resulted in the dog’s paw later being amputated. The dog owner is seeking compensation for the amputation, despite having signed an agreement stating that client is not responsible for accidents or injuries. Client’s […]


Corporate Governance Issues: (1-hour consultation): Client is a holding company which owns a minimart and imports goods from Spain. Client is seeking assistance from an attorney to review its corporate governance paperwork to ensure the holding company and minimart have been formed and associated correctly. Client also has general questions about importation and any associated licensing and tax issues that […]


Appreciative 68-year-old client is looking to creating medical and financial powers of attorney documents and potentially drafting a will. She is living alone and would like to name her two nieces as her agents. Client has been informed about several ways that she can name two agents and would like to discuss this further with a volunteer. A volunteer is […]


Friendly and excited 44-year-old client wants to write a will and open to creating medical and financial powers of attorney. Client recently purchased a home and would like to add her daughter to her will as beneficiary along with a trustee. Client is looking for a volunteer to assist her in writing a will and to further discuss creating financial […]


Vibrant 101-year-old Client needs help changing the executor of her will. The current executrix is the client’s niece, but client now wishes for her great-niece to be in control. Great-niece frequently takes care of client, and Client consents to speaking with great-niece for information regarding the case. Volunteer attorney is needed to update will according to client’s wishes.


Landlord/tenant (1-hour consultation): Client is an established nonprofit with the mission of ending family homelessness through direct service and advocacy. Client offers emergency housing services to families at risk of homelessness, and prevents eviction by providing cash assistance. In August of 2019, client signed a lease agreement with one of its participants, who is now being threatened with eviction due […]


Recently paralyzed client seeks assistance preparing a will and advanced healthcare directives. Client, who lived in her home for 19 years prior to her paralysis, is temporarily living with her oldest daughter. Client wishes to leave her home to her youngest daughter, who is currently living there, and have her other financial assets divided equally between all three of her […]


Attentive client seeks assistance with preparation of a will that leaves his home to his 16-year-old daughter, who is currently living in the home with him. Client is contemplating who to appoint as trustee in the event he passes away while daughter is still a minor, potentially one of his older children. A volunteer is needed to counsel the client […]