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Philadelphia VIP Has Moved! Our new office is located at Two Penn Center, 1500 JFK Blvd., Suite 1850.
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Client seeks assistance obtaining title to his home through an adverse possession action. Client rented the property from the record owner until 2004, when the record owner died. Client has remained in the property as the sole occupant, without making any rental payments or having contact with members of the former owner’s family. Client has utility accounts in his own […]


Client seeks assistance with a quiet title action based on adverse possession. More than fifteen years ago, Client noticed a home on his street was abandoned and in disrepair, and decided to fix up the home and move in. Client has continued to live in the home since that time. Client has documentation of the money he has spent repairing […]


80-year-old client seeks assistance gaining title of his home through a quiet title action based on adverse possession. About eighteen years ago, the record owner told Client he could move into the home if he fixed it up. Client lost contact with the record owner. In 2013, a woman claiming to be the record owner’s wife sued Client saying that […]