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Contracts- Client offers courses and coaching services designed to support, inspire, and motivate women in all stages of life. Client’s intent is to build a network of ambitious women and help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Client offers participants one-on-one and group coaching, workshops, and trainings. Client is seeking assistance from an attorney to draft service and sales […]


Client needs help making a will naming her son as sole heir. There is some urgency to the case, as client has cancer and several other health issues. Client speaks Spanish, but interpreters are available upon request.


Client seeks guardianship of his adult daughter. Client’s daughter has autism and has limited speech, functions, and processing power. Client and wife are the only ones that take care of daughter. The guardianship is not expected to be contested. The expert report has been signed and notarized. A volunteer is needed to file a petition for guardianship and represent the […]


Hearing: March 2, 2023 at 8:45 AM Landlord is suing for possession and January rent, alleging that Client and her husband breached the lease by causing imminent danger to Landlord and Neighbor by barbecuing on their terrace. Client states that Neighbor barbecues in the same place, and Landlord has never had an issue with it before. Landlord’s rental license will […]


Client seeks assistance probating her parents’ estate so she can apply for real estate tax relief programs. Client’s mother died in 1988 and her father died testate in 1993. The will left the home to Client and named her as executrix. VIP is assisting Client with filling out the Tangled Title Fund (TTF) application to assist with costs associated with […]


Client seeks assistance with estate planning documents. Client would like a will leaving her home to her son and daughter in equal shares. Client would like to name her son and daughter as executors of her will. Client would also like a living will. A volunteer is needed to draft the documents according to Client’s wishes.


Mother seeks to obtain guardianship of her soon-to-be 18-year-old autistic and intellectually disabled son (“AIP”). Client currently has sole legal and primary physical custody of AIP, so she has been able to make decisions on his behalf. Once he turns 18 in mid-March 2023, client will need to obtain guardianship in order to continue making those decisions. Client does not […]


Client seeks assistance with a small claims matter in Municipal Court; the hearing is scheduled for February 21, 2023, at 1:15 PM. Client is being sued by a family friend who is falsely claiming client stole her phone and broke her windshield, and the amount at issue is just over $1,000. Plaintiff stole client’s phone, which client needed to stay […]


Sixty-six-year-old client seeks assistance with a deed transfer of his childhood home. Client’s mother passed away intestate in June 2022. Client has opened his mother’s estate and has been named administrator. Client is working on filing an inheritance tax return and needs the assistance of a volunteer to draft a deed conveying title from the estate to client.