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Looking for a short and sweet summer pro bono opportunity? Draft a will for a Philadelphia homeowner.
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48-year-old Philadelphia mother seeks assistance transferring the deed of her home into her name. Client’s father died in 2012 and left the property to client in his will. Client has opened her father’s estate but, has not paid inheritance taxes. A volunteer is needed to draft a deed conveying the property to client, and file an inheritance tax return.


65-year-old client seeks assistance with a name change. Client would like to change her name to her Islamic name, and change all of her ID to reflect that name. A volunteer is needed to file a name change petition for client and assist her through the process of amending her birth certificate.


Client seeks assistance obtaining a name change. The name on client’s birth certificate is not consistent with the name client has been using throughout his life. Client has been unable to obtain a passport due to the discrepancy and would like to use this as an opportunity to take on a name that better reflects his identity. A volunteer is […]


61-year-old client seeks assistance with a deed transfer to get his late mother’s home into his and his brother’s names. Record owner, client’s mother, passed away in 2019. Her goal was to have a place for her sons to always come back to and so left them the home by will. Client has already been appointed administrator of the estate. […]


Senior client seeks assistance creating estate planning documents. Client would like to create a medical power of attorney and a will. Client would like to leave her home to her granddaughter and name a close friend as her healthcare agent. Client also has an accompanying deed transfer case, 22-0048209, which can be taken together with this case, which is encouraged […]


62-year-old client with medical issues is seeking assistance creating estate planning documents. Client would like to create a will, as well as both a healthcare and financial power of attorney. Client owns her house with her estranged husband as tenants in common. She hasn’t spoken with him in many years, and would like to will her interest in the property […]


Client seeks assistance with estate planning documents. Client would like both a financial and healthcare power attorney, as well as a living will. Client is looking for advice about which of her children should be named as her agent. A volunteer is needed to draft these documents in accordance with client’s wishes and assist her to properly execute them.


Client seeks assistance with a deed transfer. Client lives in the home of her deceased mother and father who owned the property as tenants by the entireties. Client’s father passed away in 2013; client’s mother passed away in April 2022. Both passed away without a will; client is their only heir. Client received letters of administration for her mother’s estate […]


69-year-old client seeks assistance with estate planning documents. Client would like a will leaving her home in four equal parts to her family members. Client would like each of her three adult children to receive one fourth interest in the property, and the remaining fourth to go to her three adult grandchildren. Client would like her adult daughter to be […]