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Volunteers needed at our 2-part estate planning clinic on June 21 and July 20 from 5-8 pm.
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Client seeks assistance obtaining guardianship of his elderly mother, who is on hospice after suffering a stroke and heart attack that made her unable to communicate her wishes. The mother is also bedridden and has dementia. Client does not believe anyone would contest the guardianship. We already have a completed, signed, and notarized expert report on file for the mother. […]


Client requests assistance with estate planning documents. Client would like a will leaving her home to her daughter and naming her daughter as executrix. Client would also like a living will and financial and medical powers of attorney, naming her daughter as her agent. A volunteer is needed to draft the documents following the client’s wishes.


Client seeks assistance gaining title to her home. The deceased record owner is her grandmother, who died in 2010. Grandmother left a will naming client’s father and client the co-executors, as well as client as beneficiary to her home. Client’s father died in April 2022. Grandmother’s will is holographic, which changes the standard probate procedure very slightly; VIP staff will […]


Client needs help probating his wife’s estate and obtaining title to their home. Client’s wife has been the sole owner of the property since July 1990. Client’s wife died intestate in October 2020, leaving behind Client and their son. A volunteer is needed to assist Client with opening his wife’s estate, drafting a deed putting title in his and his […]


Client would like a will, financial power of attorney, and an advance healthcare directive. He has three young children, who he would like to inherit his home. He chose their mother to serve as executor of the will and trustee, should he pass while they are still minors. The children’s mother will also serve as his agent for both powers […]


Contracts- Client is a Northeast Philadelphia-based daycare that has supported children and families in the area for over 30 years. After falling behind on three months of rent, client’s landlord filed for eviction, and client sought out a buyer for its business. Client has a letter of intent from an extremely interested buyer, who will take over the business to […]


59-year-old disabled client is interested in getting a will. Client would like to name his sister-in-law as his executor. He wants to give all of his property, including his home, to his two step-children equally. A volunteer is needed to draft the document according to client’s wishes.


28-year-old mother of three is seeking assistance with getting her name on title to her home. Client’s mother died intestate in April of 2022. Client is her mother’s only heir and was able to open the estate of her mother and be granted letters of administration. A volunteer is needed to draft a deed conveying title to client.


Intellectual Property- Client is a Philadelphia-based Haitian Creole publishing company operating under the sole proprietorship of an LGBTQ Black Woman. Client translated and published a novel which it believed to fall within the public domain. However, after further research, client discovered that a publishing agency has the rights to the text. Client would like to rectify its error, and is […]