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Kind, elderly widower is looking to probate the estate of his late wife. Client’s wife is the deceased record owner. She owned the property prior to their marriage in 2002. Client’s wife died in intestate in 2018, leaving him and her child from previous relationship as her heirs. Client currently lives in this property. A volunteer is needed to assist […]


Client is in need of representation for an arbitration hearing in the Court of Common Pleas on March 4, 2024, at 9:15 AM. Client is being sued by a debt buyer over a Citibank/Home Depot credit account with an outstanding balance of almost $9,000. Client had agreed that the credit card would use autopay for her payments, and claims she […]


75-year-old client needs representation for an auto accident case, where he was hit while on his bicycle. The case is scheduled for an arbitration hearing on May 29, 2024 at 9:15 am. Client was struck by plaintiff’s vehicle at the intersection of Chestnut Hill Ave and Germantown Ave. Client subsequently spent three weeks in the hospital and needed intense physical […]


80-year-old client is looking for a volunteer to assist him with filing a response to complaint by November 1, 2023, and to represent him at an arbitration hearing on June 18, 2024, at 9:15 AM in the Court of Common Pleas on a third-party collections case. Debt buyer Cavalry is suing client over his Home Depot credit card debt totaling […]


Appreciative 68-year-old client is looking to creating medical and financial powers of attorney documents and potentially drafting a will. She is living alone and would like to name her two nieces as her agents. Client has been informed about several ways that she can name two agents and would like to discuss this further with a volunteer. A volunteer is […]


Extremely organized client seeks help with becoming the legal guardian of her 19-year-old son. Her son was born with hydrocephaly and has a shunt in his brain, which would require surgery to remove or replace. Son is non-verbal and has a severe developmental disability, and cannot advocate for himself. Client would like to be able to make medical decisions on […]


Client needs help making a will that bestows her home to her daughter, who will also be named executor. She would also like to make an advanced directive, and discuss making power of attorney documents. A volunteer is needed to draft documents in accordance with Client’s wishes.


Elderly client needs help getting her affairs in order. She would like to make a will that leaves her home to her son and names her daughter as executor. A volunteer is needed to draft the will.


Friendly and excited 44-year-old client wants to write a will and open to creating medical and financial powers of attorney. Client recently purchased a home and would like to add her daughter to her will as beneficiary along with a trustee. Client is looking for a volunteer to assist her in writing a will and to further discuss creating financial […]