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Husband and wife urgently need help stopping an active wage garnishment for a debt that is not theirs. Clients received a letter in January 2023 from the Small Business Administration (SBA) attempting to collect on a $5000 debt for a small business loan allegedly taken out by them. Clients do not recognize this debt, as neither has owned a small […]


Client seeks assistance obtaining a delayed birth certificate, so that he can apply for vital benefits like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and home care programs. Pennsylvania has no record of client’s birth. Client has a voter ID and healthcare card and is requesting Philadelphia public school records. A volunteer is needed to file a petition to establish birth facts and […]


Client seeks assistance with probating his father’s estate. Client is living in the home that is in his deceased father’s name. His father passed intestate in 2020 and left behind client, his mother, and client’s three siblings as heirs. The whole family is to convey their interest in the estate to client. VIP is assisting client with filling out the […]


Client seeks assistance gaining title to her home. The deceased record owner is her grandmother, who died in 2010. Grandmother left a will naming client’s father and client the co-executors, as well as client as beneficiary to her home. Client’s father died in April 2022. Grandmother’s will is holographic, which changes the standard probate procedure very slightly; VIP staff will […]


Client seeks assistance with probating his grandmother’s estate so he can take title to his home. Client needs his name on the deed to apply for home improvement grant programs to make repairs on the old, family home. The deceased record owners are client’s grandparents, where grandfather pre-deceased grandmother, and grandmother died intestate. Client’s grandmother has four heirs: client’s mom […]


Client seeks assistance changing her 16-year-old son’s last name. Son currently shares Client’s last name; she would like to amend his birth certificate so he has both his father and mother’s last names. Client went to Delaware (DE) where her son was born and began the name change process. However, DE vital records would not accept the court documents without […]


Client needs help obtaining title to her home, which is currently in her husband’s name. Husband passed away intestate in July of 2020, leaving behind Client and three children, all of whom are willing to transfer their interest in the property to Client. VIP is working with Client to complete a Tangled Title Fund application, which will assist with the […]


Client seeks assistance taking title to her home. The deceased record owners are client’s mother and father, who shared title as tenants by the entirety. Mother died first, and father, who re-married died intestate. Father’s new wife is willing to sign a renunciation and give her interest in the property to client. Most other heirs are also willing to give […]


Client eagerly seeks a birth certificate from New York City. Client originally received a certificate of no record from the NYC Office of Vital Records. Therefore, VIP assisted him in filing a petition to establish birth facts to get a delayed birth certificate. However, in requesting the delayed birth certificate, NYC has now clarified that he does have a birth […]