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Philadelphia VIP Has Moved! Our new office is located at Two Penn Center, 1500 JFK Blvd., Suite 1850.
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Client is an established nonprofit that provides youth development and intervention programs through e-gaming and other technological training methods. Client is seeking counsel and advice on what registrations need to be made for the organization to fundraise in every state. Client is also seeking assistance with reviewing its incorporation documents.


Client is looking for help probating her mother’s estate. Client’s mother, the record owner of the home, died in 2018. Client is her mother’s only heir. Client’s family has been on this property for 80 years, and she would like to be on title to continue the family’s legacy. VIP is assisting client with filling out the Tangled Title Fund […]


Client seeks assistance probating her husband’s estate and transferring fifty percent of title to her name. Client’s husband passed away intestate in 2021, leaving client and an alleged son as heirs. Client is awaiting proof of identity from the alleged son. Meanwhile, client lives in the home and needs at least partial title in order to qualify for assistance to […]


Client seeks assistance with a probate matter. The record owner of client’s home is his mother, who passed away in 2020. Client is his mother’s only heir, and he needs his name on the deed to access home improvement grant programs. Client has real estate tax delinquency but has already entered an owner-occupied payment agreement (OOPA). VIP is assisting client […]


Client seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client, her adult daughter, and four grandkids live in a property title jointly to client’s mother and a family friend. The family friend died testate in 2015, and client’s mother died intestate in April of this year. The family friend’s will left his share of the home to client’s mother, also naming her […]


Client seeks assistance with a probate matter. Client’s mother died intestate in March of this past year, leaving client and client’s sister as her heirs. Deceased record owner owned two properties. Client and her sister each live in and manage the care and upkeep of one property. Client’s sister is willing to give her interest in the home client lives […]


Client eagerly seeks a birth certificate from New York City. Client originally received a certificate of no record from the NYC Office of Vital Records. Therefore, VIP assisted him in filing a petition to establish birth facts to get a delayed birth certificate. However, in requesting the delayed birth certificate, NYC has now clarified that he does have a birth […]


28-year-old client seeks assistance taking title to her home, currently in the name of her deceased grandmother. Client’s grandmother passed away in 2020 intestate, but it was known in the family that client was the intended next title holder and so client’s mom who is the only heir to the property is an agreement to transfer title to client . […]


Client seeks assistance probating his mother’s estate and obtaining title to his home. Client currently lives in a home that is in his deceased mother’s name, who passed away intestate in January 2022. Client has three younger brothers who have all signed and notarized renunciations. There is a significant real estate tax delinquency on the property; client is working to […]