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Looking for a short and sweet summer pro bono opportunity? Draft a will for a Philadelphia homeowner.
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Client is a female and minority-owned Talent Acquisition Management service. Client offers premier career coaching to the public and performance consulting to business owners with a particular focus on other small businesses. Client’s focus is consulting on all matters related to talent acquisition and management. Client seeks to change company name and trademark a logo associated with the company brand. […]


Client is a cleaning service for commercial and private properties and teaches classes on how to start a cleaning service. Client seeks a volunteer to assist with trademarking its logo and slogans.


Client seeks assistance recording title to her home in her name. She lived in the home with her late father as his primary caretaker until he passed, and now needs a deed in her name to access home improvement grant programs. Father left three heirs, including client, and everyone agrees that client should have title. A volunteer is needed to […]


Client seeks assistance taking title to his late mother’s home, to empower him to manage the property for his stepfather who was recently diagnosed with dementia. A volunteer is sought to probate the estate, including drafting a deed for client, wife, and stepfather as joint tenants with right of survivorship and filing the inheritance tax return.


Client seeks assistance probating his mother’s estate and recording the deed to his home and his name. This Client’s entire family wishes to keep their late mother’s home in the family, by recording title in Client’s name and ensuring that he can remain in the home to continue to manage care and upkeep. A volunteer is to needed assist client […]


Incorporation – Client is an emerging organization that will support local Latino families with children on the autism spectrum. Client seeks an attorney to assist with obtaining state incorporation and 501(c)(3) tax exemption.


Incorporation – Client is an unincorporated community-based initiative to promote research standards that support the needs of a West Philadelphia neighborhood. Client seeks an attorney to assist with incorporating as a nonprofit entity and applying for 501(c)(3) tax exemption.


Client seeks assistance with a probate matter. The record owner is client’s mother, who passed away in 2014. Client and her three surviving siblings are the only heirs. All three siblings are willing to give their interest in the property to client, and have completed renunciations. Client may need additional counseling regarding the assumption of debt attached to the house […]


Fifty-three-year old client seeks assistance taking title to her home, currently in the name of her recently deceased mother. Client’s mother, the record owner, passed away in April of this year. Client is the only heir of her mother. Deceased record owner had home health care for a few months and has been in contact with DHS about receiving a […]