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Zoning: Client is an emerging hair salon in South Philly solely owned by a woman of color, who has title to a vacant building. A hair salon used to operate from this space, but it has since closed, and the building is now zoned as RS1. Client has approached its city council person, and was told that the city council […]


Communicative and organized 63-year-old client who has been living in his mother’s home since birth is seeking assistance gaining title to the family property. Client’s mother passed away in 2000 and left a will naming client as heir and executor of her estate. Client has the original will and has completed the Tangled Title Fund application. Client is looking for […]


Surviving husband would like a volunteer to help him obtain title to his home. His late wife, who held title alone, recently passed in February without a will. The couple did not have any children, leaving client as her only heir. Client will be the only one on title and intends to eventually leave the home by will to his […]


Kind, elderly widower is looking to probate the estate of his late wife. Client’s wife is the deceased record owner. She owned the property prior to their marriage in 2002. Client’s wife died in intestate in 2018, leaving him and her child from previous relationship as her heirs. Client currently lives in this property. A volunteer is needed to assist […]


Eager client is seeking assistance with probating her grandmother’s estate and obtaining title to her home so that she can continue working on necessary repairs to keep the home safe and habitable. Client’s grandmother died intestate more than a decade ago, leaving client’s mother as her only heir to her property. Client’s mother is ready to give client her interest […]


Lovely, responsive client would like help probating her father’s estate and obtaining title to her home. Client’s father, the deceased record owner (“DRO”) passed in July 2022, divorced and without a will. His son predeceased him, but left behind a minor son. Client and her nephew are DRO’s only surviving heirs. VIP assisted client with petition for citation for the […]


Client would like to get title to her home for stable housing for her grandchild, following a devasting number of losses to her family throughout the pandemic. The property is owned by client’s maternal grandmother, who died in 2021 from COVID. Her grandmother passed away intestate, survived by seven heirs. Client has obtained a decree which will name her administrator […]


Warm and grateful client seeks assistance probating her mother’s estate and transferring title of the home she currently lives in from her mother’s name to hers. Mother, the deceased record owner, died in February 2021, leaving behind five children as heirs, including client. All four siblings signed renunciations to allow client to open the estate. However, only two of the […]


Diligent client needs help with probating his father’s estate, so that he can gain title to his family home. The deceased record owners are client’s parents; client’s father passed intestate in 2018, and client’s mother passed intestate in 1993. Parents left behind client and client’s three siblings. Although one of client’s siblings has passed away, all of client’s siblings and […]