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Widower would like a volunteer to help him obtain title to his home. His late wife, who held title alone, recently passed in February without a will. The couple did not have any children, leaving client as her only heir. Client will be the only one on title and intends to eventually leave the home by will to his late […]


A tremendously organized client is looking forward to working in partnership with a volunteer to preserve her family home for the next generation. Client will be taking title to her home though her mother’s estate. All but one of her five siblings are on board and prepared to sign the deed placing title in her name. She has already obtained […]


Organized client needs assistance with probating her mother’s estate, so that she can transfer title of her family’s home into her name and apply to government programs to update the home. The deceased record owners are client’s parents. Client’s father passed intestate in 1992, and client’s mother passed intestate in 1994. Client is the only living heir. Client has already […]


Taxes- Client is an established nonprofit that celebrates and promotes writers, artists, and scholars of the Palestinian Diaspora. Client hosts an annual festival that features Philadelphia-based small business owners, community leaders, artists, and scholars alongside Palestinian-Americans. Client is dedicated to serving Philadelphia’s marginalized community, ensuring that all of its vendors are local Black, Palestinian, and/or women owned. Client empowers disadvantaged […]


Single mother needs help with a name change. The surname on client’s birth certificate is different from the surname she has been using her whole life. The last name on client’s photo ID and Social Security card is consistent with the last name she has been using throughout her life, and she wants to amend her birth certificate to match […]


Paternal grandmother (PGM) seeks assistance with a custody hearing on March 7, 2024, at 1:15 pm before Custody Hearing Officer James Welkie, regarding her two minor grandchildren. The opposing party is maternal grandmother (MGM). The children’s mother is presently incarcerated; Father is not involved with the children and recently began speaking to PGM again. There is no current custody order […]


Grateful 71-year-old client seeks assistance gaining title to her home. Her mother who recently passed in 2019 is the sole record owner. Client’s mother left a will naming client executor and devising the home to her. Client needs a volunteer to probate her mother’s estate, including drafting a deed transferring title to client. VIP staff has assisted client in filling […]


22-year-old client needs help with a name change. When she was born, client’s parents intended for her to have a double surname and purposely did not give her a middle name. However, the first part of her intended last name was documented on her birth certificate as her middle name. Client wishes to have her middle name removed and change […]


Daughter needs help probating her mother’s estate to obtain majority title to her home. Client added her mother to the deed of her home to qualify for a second mortgage in 2008. Unfortunately, the deed was drafted to make them tenants in common. Client’s mother passed in December 2022, leaving behind five heirs, including client. Client’s sister signed a renunciation. […]