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June 13, 2024 from 12:00–12:30 pm

Volunteer Trainings

Tangled Title Thursdays: Drafting Deeds

Part one of VIP’s Tangled Title Thursdays series for National Homeownership Month.

Join our staff attorneys Mike Jones and Erin Agnew for a thirty-minute info session how VIP volunteer attorneys can help Philly homeowners. Each session will be followed by Q&A/office hours for current or interested volunteers.

The fundamental instrument of VIP’s homeownership work is the deed. In many cases, tangled titles can be resolved simply by drafting and recording a new one, a task that takes just an hour or two of a lawyer’s time. In this session, we will discuss the parts of a deed and how to get started with a VIP deed transfer matter.

Check out our other sessions on probate (June 20) and homeownership opportunities for litigators (June 27).

Please RSVP below and email Erin Agnew with questions.