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Using Tangled Title Fund Grants

TTF grants are only available for certain kinds of costs.  Listed below below are the kinds of costs that may be funded with a TTF grant and those that may not.

What Costs are Covered?

The following types of costs are eligible for TTF grant support. Disbursement requests should be made before costs are incurred, as reimbursement is not guaranteed. It is best to complete a TTF application during the early stages of a case so that any questions or concerns can be addressed up front.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Supporting Documentation Required

Completed transfer tax forms:

  • Philadelphia Tax Certification Form
  • PA Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value

Probate Filing Fees

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Proof of Office of Property Assessment (OPA) value of property at decedent’s time of death, with a current Philadelphia Register of Wills Probate Filing Fee Schedule


  • Print-out of cost calculated after submission of online Petition for Probate

Title Reports

Before applying to the TTF for this cost, please check with the attorney, paralegal, or housing counselor you are working with to see if you can obtain a title report at a reduced cost.

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Quote from title report company

Inheritance Tax

Initially, the TTF will only pay the tax principal.

Once the applicant has paid the principal (with or without TTF assistance), then a short, written request should be submitted to the Department of Revenue asking that it waive the interest and penalties.  If that request is denied, the applicant may apply for TTF funds to cover interest and penalties.

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Completed inheritance tax return and relevant schedules (likely to include A, H, J at minimum)


  • Notice of Appraisement from PA Department of Revenue

Principal of Delinquent Real Estate Taxes

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Print-out of Real Estate Tax Balance


  • Copy of Real Estate Tax bill with breakdown including interest and penalties

Principal of Delinquent Water/Sewer Charges

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Copy of most recent water/sewer bill showing delinquency

Miscellaneous Costs

The TTF may consider other costs associated with obtaining title to one’s home, such as advertising or obtaining death certificates.

Please check with the TTF Administrator to see if the TTF Committee would consider a certain cost.

Supporting Documentation Required

  • Documentation of the cost from an external source (e.g., receipt, quote, fee schedule)

What Costs are Not Covered?


The following costs are not eligible for TTF grant support:

  • Fees that can be waived by filing for In Forma Pauperis status, including filing fees and copies of court documents.
  • Fees for obtaining copies of documents recorded with the Philadelphia Department of Records. If you are working with an attorney, paralegal, or housing counselor, please consult them to obtain copies at no charge.
  • Deed recording fees. If you are working with an attorney, paralegal, or housing counselor, please consult them for more information about how to submit documents for free recording.
  • Incidental expenses that are not necessary and/or can easily be avoided, such as certified mail, express mail, or notary fees.
  • Any form of consideration – for example, money paid to an heir in order for her/him to give up an interest in the property; a mortgage balance; or money owed in a rent-to-own agreement.
  • Costs the TTF Committee determines, in an effort to conserve TTF resources, are not a priority. 

Please contact the TTF Administrator if you have questions about whether a specific cost is covered.