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How to Volunteer: Non-Attorneys

Non-attorney volunteers, from interpreters to paralegals to law students and more, play an important part in furthering VIP’s mission of expanding access to justice.

To volunteer as a non-attorney, complete a Volunteer Enrollment Form and select “Interpreter” or “Non-Attorney Legal Professional.” A member of our team will contact you to discuss how you can help.

To learn about how non-attorney volunteers can get involved with VIP, browse the list below.

Interpret conversations for non-English-speaking clients

While some of our attorney volunteers speak multiple languages, in most cases where a VIP client does not speak English, we rely on volunteer interpreters to match the client with an attorney.

VIP volunteer interpreters provide non-courtroom interpretation and document translation services. We have a particularly high need for speakers of:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese languages
  • Southeast Asian languages
  • Arabic

Take a VIP case with attorney supervision

If you are a law student, paralegal at a firm, or other non-attorney legal professional who works with attorneys, you can take a VIP case under the supervision of a Pennsylvania attorney. VIP cannot provide supervising attorneys for non-attorney volunteers.

Once you find an attorney who is willing to supervise your work, you can help VIP clients by drafting wills and advance planning documents, drafting deeds transferring title of a home, and more.

Provide an in-kind service, such as notarization, private investigation, and more

VIP routinely needs volunteer notaries, private investigators, accountants, and other professionals to provide in-kind services on active VIP cases. Please contact Joe B. Durkin, Program Manager, to offer your services.