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Ways to Volunteer: Non-Attorneys

Sign up as an Interpreter

In the effort to secure access to justice, we know our neighbors who are not native English speakers face additional barriers. VIP relies on the generosity of volunteer interpreters to match our non-English-speaking clients with attorneys.

We have a particularly high need for speakers of:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese languages
  • Southeast Asian languages
  • Arabic

If you speak these, or any other languages, and are interested in providing non-courtroom interpretation, please fill out an enrollment form today. No prior experience is required.

Take a Case with Attorney Supervision

We welcome non-attorneys to take a VIP case with supervision of a Pennsylvania-licensed attorney.

VIP’s paralegal and legal assistant volunteers can help clients with deed drafting, preparing a will or advance directive, and even probating an estate. Our open-access training materials are designed for those with no prior experience.

To express interest in volunteering, please complete an enrollment form, or contact our Program Coordinator.

Note: VIP is not able to provide supervising attorneys for non-attorney volunteers.

Making an Impact

Whether on stage performing in a club or in her office preparing a deed for a VIP client, you could call Lisa Zolna a rock star. During the workday, she’s a tax-and-estate paralegal at White and Williams LLP with over three decades of experience. Outside of work, she’s a songwriter, and she’s also the lead vocalist in the Levittown-based cover band Witzend. It is Lisa’s legal expertise and connection to VIP’s mission that make her a trusted resource and a stellar volunteer.

Lisa's VIP Experience

Just take one case. It may not seem like much, but you’ve just made a difference for an entire family. It makes you want to keep coming back.

Perform Intake with Potential Wills Clients

As part of a broader strategy to support intergenerational wealth transfer and secure family assets, VIP seeks legal sector professionals, especially paralegals and legal assistants, to help homeowners interested in making a will. After receiving training and materials from VIP, intake volunteers will do a phone interview with potential clients, creating an easy point of entry. Volunteers will gather basic information and estate planning wishes from the prospective client, and pass it on to VIP. Contact our Homeownership Projects Coordinator to get involved.

Provide an In-Kind Service

Are you a notary, court reporter, investigator, or accountant? VIP’s clients’ cases sometimes require the services of non-attorney professionals and your specialized skills and expertise may be the critical link to achieve access to justice. Contact our Program Coordinator to let us know how we might partner with you.