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Volunteer Spotlight Published April 26, 2023

Igor Pleskov

Meet April’s Volunteer of the Month Igor Pleskov

Meet Igor Pleskov, Real Estate Partner at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP. Igor grew up in the Philadelphia region and always had law school in the back of his mind. During his time at Penn Law, Igor came to realize that being in the courtroom wasn’t for him. “I gravitated towards transactional work,” Igor said. “I joined the real estate program at Saul Ewing and it was really conducive to my personality. This work isn’t adversarial or cooperative; I enjoy bringing the mindset of negotiating to my work.”

As his legal practice developed, Igor also prioritized pro bono experiences. “I love Philadelphia,” Igor said. “I see myself as an unabashed supporter of Philly. Volunteering with VIP is part of my civic commitment to Philadelphia.” Igor focuses on working with Philadelphia small business owners in connection with their real estate needs.

Philadelphia has been changing and seeing a lot of growth. Growing up in Northeast Philly, I am familiar with the different communities, and it extends to the diversity of the city. I can use my legal expertise to contribute to the city’s growth.

Igor has helped over a dozen mall business tenants sort through commercial lease disputes. One such business was Nanny Match, LLC. The proprietor, Elenor, was having difficulty getting her business’s security deposit back, and Igor stepped in to help. “A lot of clients are really good at their business, but may need some help in navigating legal obstacles,” Igor said. “That’s where I come in and help.”

“We all have a civic duty to give back in whichever way we can and what best fits us,” Igor said. “To me, doing pro bono work is the fulfillment and satisfaction of using the skills of my law degree to do good. For those looking to help in similar ways, I say don’t sell your skills short. There are ways you can contribute beyond ways you can conceptualize.”