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Philadelphia VIP Has Moved! Our new office is located at Two Penn Center, 1500 JFK Blvd., Suite 1850.
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VIP's Income Guidelines

See if your income qualifies you for our services.

VIP uses two different thresholds to determine eligibility for certain services: 200% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG). We evaluate your household’s gross income (line 6 on federal tax returns), not adjusted gross income.

Household SizeLimits for TTF, IndividualsLimits for Small Businesses
1 person$27,180 per year$54,360 per year
2 people$36,620 per year$73,240 per year
3 people$46,060 per year$92,120 per year
4 people$55,500 per year$111,000 per year
5 people$64,940 per year$129,880 per year
6 people$74,380 per year$148,760 per year
Each additional person+ $9,440 per year per person+ $18,880 per year per person

If you’re a small business owner looking to apply for full representation by a volunteer attorney, your household income must not exceed 400% of the FPG (third column above).

If you’re a nonprofit leader, please see the eligibility criteria on the Nonprofits page.

If you’re looking for legal help for yourself or your family, the process of getting help is slightly different. Please see the Get Legal Help page for details.